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Game in development - Scheduled for release in 2020

Help the robot Z3-L1 (/zeli/) to survive and leave the inhospitable planet named Dimidium it landed on in a Metroidvania-style exploration game where only the environment is your enemy.

◆ "Double jump" or "Dash"?
Choose 3 abilities (and renounce to 3 others until the end) during the exploration and experience your adventure in 8 differents ways according to your own decisions, accompanied by music that adapts to your abilities choices.

◆ And much more....
Once the adventure is over, you have the opportunity to do it again by choosing different abilities to discover other possibilities, but also by getting the 3 other abilities to finish the game by 100% by exploring areas that were inaccessible thanks to the "New game+" mode.

◆ "Two Parsecs From Earth" - an exploration plateformer:
- Choose beetwen 3x2 abilities, but a choice disable another ability until the end of the game,
- 8 ways to finish the game depending on abilities choices,
- Music that adapts to your abilities choices,
- New game + to gain others abilities and reach 100%.
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